Vital Signs, Six Seconds’ organizational model and integrated suite of organizational data capture tools, offers insight into the key drivers and performance outcomes that determine long-term business effectiveness and success. The tools are easy to administer, quick to deploy, and budget-friendly.

The Vital Signs model is grounded in real business experience and uses language familiar to those who work in and lead organizations.

As a certified consultant, I utilize the Vital Signs model and toolkit in a wide variety of organizational settings, from small independent businesses and non-profits – to large, multi-national corporations.

Create awareness and vision into the blindspots that may be holding your organization back.

The assessment tools provide actionable data at the leadership, team, and organization-wide levels and are well-validated and internationally normed.

key drivers Measured

Leadership Vital Signs (LVS)

LVS is a multi-rater assessment providing focused feedback about your leadership and comparisons between your and others’ perceptions. In this context, “leadership” is defined by the five components of the VS Model, Motivation, Change, Execution, Teamwork, and Trust. These climate drivers are complemented by these leadership-specific outcomes:

  • Influence– building strong relationships to enroll people
  • Efficacy– generating useful results
  • Design– planning and managing a smooth workflow with and through people
  • Direction – setting a viable and powerful vision

Team Vital Signs (TVS)

TVS is a survey of team members evaluating the team experience. It measures the drivers of team effectiveness, offering insight into the workplace climate and team dynamics. Sharing the same key Vital Signs drivers with the LVS and OVS, the TVS adds the insight into team-specific outcomes

  • Sustainbability– is the team creating enduring value, and can that continue over time?
  • Agility– does the team nimbly adapt to new opportunities and challenges?
  • Results– is the team effectively and efficiently accomplishing it’s goals?
  • Satisfaction – are the members committed to remaining on the team?

Quick and easy to administer, the TVS provides the data needed to have a transformational dialogue about team dynamics and performance.

Organizational Vital Signs (OVS)

OVS is a well-validated measure of organizational climate using a focused survey that is completed online. It rapidly and accurately provides a snapshot of the people-side of the organization. Beyond a staff satisfaction measure, OVS measures key Vital Signs performance drivers linked to practical enterprise-specific outcomes as a roadmap for improvement. The organization-level outcomes are: Retention, Productivity, Customer Focus, and Future Success.

  • Retention– how commited are the employees to remaining in the organization?
  • Productivity– are people accomplishing the work at hand and the work that matters in an efficient manner?
  • Customer Focus-do people perceive a commitment to genuinely care for customers in order to create loyalty?
  • Future Success – Is the organization moving in a valuable, sustainable direction?

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