PI empowers business leaders to hire top talent, design winning teams, and manage people brilliantly.

Offering more than just assessments, the The Predictive Index platform helps growth oriented companies:

  • Collect people data
  • Hire top talent
  • Build self-awareness and boost interpersonal relationships
  • Develop employees and managers
  • Ensure senior leaders agree on business strategy
  • Map leadership abilities of the executive team to identify any gaps
  • Boost engagement

Assessments can provide critical insight, but the highest value to be gained is around Talent Optimization.

Talent Optimization is a four-part discipline you can use to align your business strategy with your people strategy for optimal business results.


Uncover the root of your business problems by measuring and analyzing your people data—then prescribing remedies as needed. Diagnose is the first part of talent optimization, but it’s something companies need to do on an ongoing basis.


Crush the competition by designing your organization, leadership, culture, and team dynamics intentionally and strategically. Design is the second part of talent optimization, and this is where you’ll create and evolve your people strategy.


Use people data insights to build a workforce of top performers, while paying special attention to group dynamics. Hire is the third part of talent optimization, and this is where you’ll use talent optimization insights based on people data to hire and build high-performing teams.


Give your employees the people data insights they need to manage themselves—and their workplace relationships. Inspire is the fourth part of talent optimization and covers employee-oriented activities like career pathing and measuring team performance over time.