The journey toward Talent Optimization begins with a PI Job Assessment.

Business operates in an era of exponential change and relying on old position descriptions to fill current openings is a high risk practice. The PI Job Assessment collects input from the hiring manager, key stakeholders and high performers in the role to craft the profile of your ideal job candidate. The resulting job target will paint an objective picture of what the behavioral and cognitive requirements are for the role.

A srong job fit increases hire success, productivity, retention and is an engagment catalyst.

The PI Job Assessment works hand-in-hand with The PI Behavioral Assessment to evaluate the critical match between the requirements of the job and a person’s natural behavioral tendencies. This fit/gap approach provides immediate insight into the candidates fit for the job and where potential challenges may exist. This data can inform the development of targeted behavioral interview questions and once brought on board, a customized development plan to support the employees going forward.

PI gives you unlimited access to the simple Job Assessment.

Completing this process helps you X-ray each job and identify the underlying traits that will lead to success in each specific role. The Assessment can be created by a single user or taken collaboratively by team of stakeholders. Once all the input is given, we’ll generate a job target that will serve as your guide to making a great hire.

Remove bias from hiring

Create job targets before your job postings go up. We all have biases that sneak into our decisions—whether we recognize them or not. By creating objective measures of both the job and the candidate, we inoculate ourselves against those biases. Plus, behavioral drives and cognitive ability have been proven to be strong predictors of job performance. Having this information is a powerful tool for both your recruitment and your development efforts.

Define your existing roles

Don’t stop with new hires. Use the Job Assessment to objectively assess all the roles in your organization—even the filled ones. Job targets should be used as a fundamental part of your talent strategy and succession planning, and are a critical tool for coaching and employee development.