Revenue improvement is a company responsibility and driven by the new revenue workforce, which is inclusive of both sales and marketing functions. When the revenue  workforce operates out of sync it creates interference which impedes the ability to meet revenue targets. Worse – conflict leads to blame, and blame leads to a lack of trust. And once blame is assigned, the quest to find the real issues that need to be resolved ends.

Conversely, there is a solid base of evidence that shows that when sales and marketing teams work well together:

  • Revenue pipelines improve
  • Sales cycles are shorter
  • Costs of sales decline
  • Customers are delighted along the buyer’s journey

Just because a group of people work together on a common goal, they are not necessarily a team.

True teams  win or lose together, while committees can contain both winners and losers and are inclined to point fingers when organizational goals are not met.

This simple graphic, inspired by the consultant Alan Weiss, provides a simple visual of this reality.


I can work with you to help define and measure the drivers of team performance.

Together, we will:

  • Create a shared vision of what it means to be a team
  • Open dialogue about the team’s dynamics
  • Identify development needs
  • Strengthen team effectiveness
  • Prepare for new challenges and changes
  • Measure results of interventions
  • Pinpoint areas for the leader’s and team members’ attention moving forward

An active initiative to improve sales and marketing congruence will boost both the top-line and bottom-line growth.