The Rain Group recently analyzed 700 B2B purchases made by buyers (accounting for 3.1 billion in annual purchasing power).

Salespeople that were awarded the business did two things more often than those that lost deals.

  1. educated me with new ideas and perspectives
  2. collaborated with me

The greatest difference between winners of business and second-place finishers was the propensity to educate and discuss change with ideas that matter.

The competencies necessary for success today have certainly evolved along with the prospect’s purchase decision journey.

“On average, customers progress nearly 60% of the way through the purchase decision-making process before engaging directly with a company.”

Executive Board Marketing Leadership Council Research

This reality has impacted the traditional sales process and now demands effectiveness in areas that may not be part of the core competencies of your current sales team.

Assessment, development and recruiting all play an important role in ensuring your sales team is well positioned to outperform in this new, challenging environment.