Balancing the short term and the long term is always a challenge for revenue leaders.

There are initiatives that will take time to plan and develop that are crucial to sustainable top-line growth. Building effective teams, developing and recruiting exceptional talent, and creating an organizational climate that fosters an engaged workforce are all necessary to-do’s.

But your revenue team is operating in day-tight compartments – moving quickly to capture opportunities and book revenue now.

Delivering now vs. creating a stronger foundation for success can create structural tension at it’s best.  How you respond to these challenges powerfully influences you and your organization’s ability to meet both short-term and long-term goals.

We can work together to plan and execute Quick Strike Initiatives that can act as a catalyst to improve short-term performance.

My experience leads to three key focus areas where adaptive moves can help quickly.

  1. Markets and customers are changing rapidly. Are you certain that your go-to-market value proposition resonates strongly enough with target prospects?  Potential gaps must be addressed immediately or revenue pipelines will suffer.
  2. The search for/creation of compelling and motivating data that supports your value proposition (you must improve your sales teams ability to deliver high-value insights). Read this story to understand the power of using research data in selling –The Curb Painter
  3. According to Forrester, 88% of executives want to have a conversation with a sales rep – not a presentation. Let’s prepare your sales team to have productive conversations. They must be equally comfortable presenting to managers concerned with “why” as they are with buyers/implementers concerned with “how”.  Product describers are fine if you can grow revenue solely on inbound RFP’s.

Decision Chain

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