It’s time to fundamentally re-think how companies can drive business performance and achieve market leading revenue growth.

And it starts with measuring and improving the people side of performance.

Almost every investment made to assist in increasing revenue will yield better results when your leaders and teams are motivated, highly-engaged and working in an environment of trust.

Yet, most companies are not nearly as diligent at measuring the human drivers of organizational performance as they are financial and operating metrics.

Related to sales and marketing groups, significant investment is made in several areas that would greatly benefit from an awareness and understanding of your organizational climate……

  • Recruitment and onboarding
  • CRM tools
  • Marketing automation platforms
  • Sales training programs
  • Sales enablement materials
  • Compensation systems
  • T&E
  • Technology support

Consider this insight from Frank Cespedes (Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School) as written in the Harvard Business Review –

“U.S. companies spend over $70 billion annually on training, and an average of $1,459 per salesperson — almost 20 percent more than they spend on workers in all other functions. Yet ….the ROI of sales training is disappointing“.

Together, we can ensure that these investments have a much greater opportunity to deliver the results you expect.

Let’s talk about it.