Corporate Executive Board

57%—that’s how far the average B2B buyer is through the purchase decision before engaging a supplier sales rep.

12%—that’s how much of your customer’s total mindshare you as a supplier have across the entire B2B purchase path.




Building an audience is a marketers secret weapon. Those that have audiences are fortunate, because they don’t have to “buy” peoples attention through “paid media” – prospects give you their time and attention. Speak, write, blog, tweet, make videos – etc. Share IOV – and companies can slowly and surely build an audience.

  • Put your business value in front of you by forcing your prospects to see you as thought leader or industry leader) so that they take the initiative to buy, instead of you having to sell them.


‘The pressure on customers to perform is actually a huge opportunity for those suppliers who can help them”

Ram Charan

Marketers must adopt an educational marketing mindset to capitalize on the opportunities before them. Today’s buyers are the hunters – searching out solutions to help them reduce expenses or generate additional revenues.

Sales presentations and marketing materials centered on product-describing and product features will not generate the interest needed to fuel the sales process.

Digital information flow not only empowers consumers but also allows marketing departments to be part of the conversation consumers have as they actively learn about product categories and evaluate choices. In fact, both business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) purchasers increasingly wantmarketers to help them make smart decisions. They just don’t want to feel subjected to the hard sell—they expect marketers to engage them, not dictate to them.

Getting prospects involved in the discovery of your value proposition can shorten the sales-cycle dramatically.