As companies pursue growth and competitive advantage, considerable time is spent developing strategic plans and operating plans. Important stuff, for sure, but incomplete without developing a “data-smart” people strategy.

We live in an era of “big data”, but when it comes to our single, most important asset (people), there is a terrible deficit of insight related to our employees, teams, organizations and leaders.

Creating a high-performing workplace is a priority initiative for all growth oriented companies. But surprisingly little (if any) time is spent examining-

  • the organizational climate (what’s the weather like at work?)
  • leadership blind-spots
  • organizational design in support of business strategy
  • team efficacy and the state of collaboration

Even those companies that perfom well in these areas now must not get complacent. Business now operates in a world of exponential change. Talent needs and job requirements shift quickly.

RJ Heckman, PhD, Vice Chairman at Korn Ferry lays out 5 steps in building a talent strategy:

  • Crystallize the talent implications of your business strategy.
  • Create the right organizational structure and culture for talent strategies to thrive.
  • Identify the organizationals pivotal roles with precision.
  • Specifically define success profiles for pivotal roles
  • Make data-driven “buy vs. build” decisions to close key talent gaps.

It’s never too late to begin this process. Your future success depends upon it. Early adopters of an emerging discipline called Talent Optimization will gain a considerable and sustainable advantage in their marketplace

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