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The objective of revenue growth is of paramount importance, regardless of the size of a company or the resources at hand. Increasing potential across revenue-generating functions is a priority initiative.

As the founder of Topline Search , I apply nearly 30 years of experience in leading sales, marketing and B2B media organizations. My broad experience in addressing the challenges that revenue teams face in locating, winning, and keeping clients has proven invaluable to clients in retail, manufacturing, technology, wholesale, and professional services.  I’ve worked with CEO’s, senior managers, and sales and marketing teams to improve the outcomes of their marketing and sales initiatives.

During my career in professional business media, we have had to navigate the cultural shift, change process (transition) and talent needs of an organization transforming from a print publishing business to a digital media organization. At the same time, our clients were seeing the work of marketing and sales evolve as buyers were emboldened through the access and depth of digital information. New systems, tools, and technologies were rapidly adopted, yet in many cases failed to deliver expected results.

Having participated in thousands of hours of conversations with marketing and sales organizations across a major cross-section of industries, it is crystal clear that very few work together as one single revenue generating team. The silos of sales and marketing remain, creating interference and suffocating potential.

Changing this dynamic represents a significant opportunity for organizations to create a culture and condition of high-performance.

Tony is a Certified Six Seconds Vital Signs consultant. Vital Signs, Six Seconds’ organizational model and integrated suite of assessment tools, offers insight into the key drivers and performance outcomes that determine long-term business effectiveness and success. The Vital Signs model is grounded in real business experience and uses language familiar to those who work in and lead organizations. The assessment tools provide actionable data at the leadership, team, and organization-wide levels and are well-validated and internationally normed.

Tony applies these tools in helping companies and revenue leaders develop insight into the people-side of performance. To learn more, read these case studies from Six Seconds.

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