Marketing technology innovation continues to offer incredible opportunity for companies to create a more effective and efficient process. But if we learned anything from the adoption of technology in other areas of our business, we should know that the difference maker is your people. Leaders who maximize martech benefits start with an awareness of their marketing teams readiness to change and adapt. A passing regard to the talent in your organization who must execute the change leads most efforts to fail.

In the change process, the bonds of teams are tested. High trust, highly effective teams are capable of leading change and maintaining (even increasing) performance during the process. Others implode.

The key: focus on people as the driver of of your martech strategy. Not the bells and whistles of your solution.

Your ROI on your martech investment is completely dependent on your people. Yet awareness of potential issues that could impede success is almost always limited at best.

  • How engaged is your team?
  • What is the level of trust?
  • Is the team change ready?
  • Can it sustain performance?

It only takes 10 minutes to find out.

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