I recently attended a webinar produced and delivered by The Predictive Index. I tend to be skeptical about solution provider produced webinars, as too many are unfortunately still sales presentations masked as educational content.

The Predictive Index delivered on it’s educational promise and my 40 minute investment was well worth it. Broadly the topic was focused on The Future of Work, connected to the Predictive Index focus on “talent optimization”.

I love visuals that effectively tell a story or demonstrate some important concept, and I found a gem in the PI webinar. If you follow my posts, you’ll know I like to discuss ideas around the state of employee engagement and it’s impact on business performance and outcomes.

The visual below reminds us that even your most engaged employees can be pulled into disengagement – specifically through 4 forces:

  • Job fit (I have seen this happen when promoting an effective, engaged salesperson to sales management!)
  • Manager (ditto)
  • Team (in an agile organization, teams are dynamic, and every team has a different vibe)
  • Culture

In many organizations the existence of these blockers represent a major blind spot.

In the pursuit of strategy implementation, leadership must make people data capture and analysis a priority.