Sales and marketing leaders have no shortage of metrics to measure.

Market growth rates, relative market share, cost per lead, revenue per customer, yield analysis, conversion rates, SEO rankings, page views and bounce rates, CRM activity …… the list is endless and they all have a place in helping to improve revenue performance.

Management dashboards and quarterly business reviews are filled with this type of financial and operating data.

But how about quantifying the people-side or performance? What metrics are you you measuring (consistently) to provide insight related to employee engagement?

High employee engagement significantly improves revenue performance and developing new sight into this critical area should be a a priority initiative for revenue leaders.

Satisfaction Does Not Create an Engaged Employee

Eventually, every organization conducts employee satisfaction surveys. But in seeking to understand true engagement – where employees are committed to sustainable contribution, and willing to exert extraordinary effort in accomplishing work that is important to the achievement of organizational goals – “satisfaction” or “dissatisfaction” responses are simply not adequate.

In the Vital Organization (Massimiliano Ghini and Joshua Freedman), the authors share the key hallmarks shared by high performing teams and workplaces…

  1. People have a sense of safety and assurance so they’ll take risks, share, innovate and go beyond their own comfort zones : TRUST
  2. People need to feel energized and committed to doing more than the minimum requirement : MOTIVATION
  3. They need to be adaptable and innovative : CHANGE
  4. They need to feel collaborative and communicate to take on new challenges: TEAMWORK
  5. They need to be focused and accountable: EXECUTION

It is possible to measure these drivers to get an accurate picture of what’s enabling and blocking growth potential.

Adding the people-side metrics to your stable of financial and operating metrics is the fist step in creating an environment where expected revenue growth is possible AND sustainable.

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