Recruiting into an organization without a clear picture of the workplace environment stacks the odds of a successful, high-value hire against you.

In fact, according to a recent study by Jobvite (and supported with other research as well) – almost 30% of new recruits have left a job within the first 90 days of starting.

What’s the weather like in the area you are recruiting for?  Does the workplace environment allow people to perform optimally?

High performing teams and workplaces share key hallmarks*:

  1. People have a sense of of safety and assurance so they’ll take risks, share, innovate, and go beyond their own comfort zones:  Trust.
  2. People need to feel energized and committed to doing more than the minimum requirement: Motivation.
  3. They need to be adaptable and innovate: Change. 
  4. They need to feel collaboration and communicate to take on the challenges: Teamwork.
  5. They need to be focused an accountable: Execution.
  • The Vital Organization (Massimiliano Ghini  & Joshua Freedman)

In today’s environment it may very well be true that companies need great people more than great people need companies.

Consider the value and advantage of being aware of the current climate that exists within the area that you are recruiting for. The insight gained will give you the competitive advantage needed to attract and retain exceptional talent.







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