“On average, customers progress nearly 60% of the way through the purchase decision- making process before engaging directly with a company.”

Executive Board Marketing Leadership Council Research 2013

This data point has been referred to often since it was published. It’s interesting and makes sense, right?  Online research, peer communities and reviews, colleagues, company websites – all part of this new influence map.

Still- salespeople get involved in deals when it is too late in this process.

It is no longer enough for salespeople to be strategic and effective at the point of sale.

Successful sales executives today understand how to make a positive impact during the digitally enabled customer decision journey. This requires the salesperson to add value in areas that are not typically associated with their function.

This new reality is completely supported by research conducted by The Rain Group.

They studied 700 business-to-business purchases from buyers with $3.1 billion in purchasing power. The goal was to find out what the winners of these sales did differently from second-place finishers. The Rain Group was not looking for any strategy or tactic in particular. All they wanted to know was if there were commonalities among sellers winning sales.

The research uncovered the top three things winning sellers did most differently from second-place finishers:

  1. Educated me with new ideas and perspectives
  2. Collaborated with me
  3. Persuaded me we would achieve results

Are you hiring salespeople that can win in this way?

Is your current staff capable of developing this approach? Do they have the potential?

Important questions to ask as you plan your revenue targets and go-to-market tactics for 2019. And remember …..