1. Searching for blame instead of cause (bad leads, sales reps are ineffective, CRM is too complex).
  2. Failing to identify the cause of a weak sales pipeline before prescribing a fix (let’s hire another rep, or develop another piece of marketing content).
  3. Lack of congruence between marketing and sales (will lead to #1).
  4. Sales presentations and marketing content that focuses on inputs vs. outputs (product describing vs. discussing outcomes).
  5. Ineffective prospecting tools and tactics (leaving digital influence tools and tactics to “digital natives”).
  6. Lack of insight related to the prospect’s buyer’s journey and priority initiatives (flying blind is never a good idea).
  7. Sales collateral masked as educational content (works only to impede trust building).
  8. Satisfaction with meeting a client “want” (up-selling requires exploring the real need. Once a prospect says, “I’ve never looked at it that way before,” you have opened up additional revenue opportunities).

If you are missing reasonable revenue expectations – first focus on the analysis suggested in #2. It will not only save you time and money, it will create the fastest path to improvement.



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