Your sales teams need to deliver insights and valuable information that helps the prospect identify opportunities.

Recently released research conducted by The Rain Group has shed some important light on this reality. The greatest difference between winners of B2B business deals and second-place finishers was the propensity to educate and discuss change with IDEAS THAT MATTER.Insight selling

Think about your approach, or if you are managing a sales team ……. their approach.

How much time is spent framing opportunities around market trends and other external factors impacting your prospect’s business? What kind of insight is being shared that can change the status quo at your prospect? Who is responsible for developing those insights? Are your salespeople ready to make a difference in this way, or are they still focused on product/service describing?

These are critical questions that need to be answered if you are going to deliver top-line growth.  If sales continues to operate primarily as product experts they will only be relevant to those prospects that have an active need. And that simply will not contribute to market leading revenue growth.